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August Rush

August Rush is a 2007 drama film starring Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Robin Williams, and child wonder Freddie Highmore. It is directed by Kirsten Sheridan and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Plot.  The first few minutes of the movie is set in 1995. Lyla Novacek is a cellist from a well-known family. Louis Connelly is the lead singer of a struggling band called The Connelly Brothers. The two have a chance meeting during a party and eventually sleep together to the music of a harmonica. Lyla returns to Chicago and finds out that she is now pregnant with Louis’s son. Her father is enraged about it, and when she runs into the street after an argument with him, she is struck by a car. Unknown to her, she gives birth prematurely and her father immediately put her son up for adoption. Meanwhile, Louis continues to wait for Lyla in New York, and later gives up when she does not appear.

Eleven years later, the child Evan is living in an orphanage. He has the ability to hear music. One day, after a social worker named Richard gives him his card, he runs away to New York to find his family.

Louis now lives in San Francisco and is due to New York to perform with his old band whom he had previously left behind. On the other hand, Lyla lives in Chicago and has long since she gave up music. On her father’s deathbed, she learns what her father has done. The dying man also confesses that the child is somewhere in New York.

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