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The Invisible

“The Invisible” was released 2007 but I was not able to catch it in the local cinemas. I am not even sure if it was shown here. LOL! Well, my sister had a downloaded copy of the movie so I just watched it in my computer. I don’t really love the movie but it is very unforgettable and worth mentioning. It has a very beautiful concept, a beautiful cast, and a beautiful beginning and middle, but a terrible ending. One of the worst endings I have seen in a movie. Better read its plot…..

High school senior Nick Powell plans to skip his graduation and fly to London for a writing program. He is a top performer in school and cares deeply for creative writing. Nick's best friend, Pete Egan, confides in him that he is bullied by Annie Newton, a troubled teen. Nick attempts to step in on one such occasion, only for it to escalate into a physical confrontation.

Later in the day, Nick tells Pete about his plans to leave for London, and they share a bittersweet goodbye. The same evening, Annie impulsively decides to rob a jewelry store. Marcus, her boyfriend, reprimands her, and later tries to take the jewels for himself, but Annie keeps them. Believing Annie to be out of control, Marcus tips off the cops. Annie is arrested and assumes that Pete is responsible.
She later attempts to beat a confession out of Pete. When Annie doesn't believe his innocence, Pete reluctantly gives up Nick's name, thinking that Nick will be on a plane to London already. He does not know that Nick changed his mind at the last minute and decided not to go to London. Annie and her crew find Nick walking home from a party. They run him off the road and beat him mercilessly. Annie goes too far, and believes she killed Nick. They dump his body in a nearby sewer.

The next morning Nick goes to school to find that no one can see or hear him. He returns to his home to find his mother making a missing person report with the police. After a while, Nick thinks that maybe he may be alive but unconscious. As Nick comes to realize that he's having an out-of-body experience, he attempts to reach out to Annie and Pete in a desperate bid to save his life.

Marcus decides to get involved, so he kidnaps Pete and forces him to lead him to Nick's body so they can move it together to another location. He then conspires to kill Annie and arranges to meet with her. Annie calls Pete to the meeting place also, who is under surveillance by the police. As Annie flees from both Marcus and the police, Nick yells at her and for the first time she responds back.

The two cannot hold a conversation, and Annie cannot see Nick, but she hears some of his voice in her head. From this association, Annie begins to feel the effects of her actions on her conscience. She returns to the woods to find Nick's body, only to see that it has been moved. She confronts Pete, and then Marcus trying to learn the location of the body. Marcus tells her, but shoots her in the back as she leaves. She shoots Marcus in return, then calls the police to tell them where to find Nick. Nick is saved just in time, but Annie succumbs to her wound after visiting him in the hospital.

The movie has a beautiful idea – about how someone, through an out-of-the-body experience, resolves the near-murder cruelty done upon him. It is very new for me, something really refreshing. It has fast pace and very exciting, moving you through scenes with anticipation and thrill. Like I said, the movie started so good until near the end. The ending really sucks, just impossible and unbelievable, overly dramatic, and is not really redeeming at all. Well, the girl who almost did the murder died a heroine. I don’t think her death is necessary; it would have been better if they were reconciled properly.

“The Invisible” is actually a remake of the Swedish film, “Den Osynlige”. Accordingly, the original movie is somewhat different since the girl did not die there, instead, she turned herself in after an apology and confession. I haven’t seen that version yet; I am still looking for a download. I suppose this is one of the many instances when a remake does not possess the charm and magic of the original.

As expected, the movie received mostly negative reviews. It sold well in its first week but dropped tremendously in the second. However, I still find the movie very entertaining.

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