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Kimmy Dora

Kimmy Dora is a 2009 comedy Philippine movie directed by Joyce Bernal. The major roles in the movie, Kimmy and Dora, are both played by Eugene Domingo. It is also her launching movie since she had been previously playing supporting roles in many movies.

Plot.  Kimmy and Dora are identical twins of a wealthy businessman. However, the two have entirely different personalities. Kimmy is smart and proud, while Dora is slow and dumb. Kimmy has always been jealous of her sister for the man she likes has eyes for Dora. One fateful day, their father gets a heart attack, and fearing for the future of his less intelligent child, he gives Dora the majority of their company in case he dies. Kimmy is enraged with his decision and contacts their lawyer to handle the matter. Somehow, Kimmy and the lawyer have a misunderstanding over the telephone conversation that the latter resolves a plan to kill Dora. Incidentally, the kidnappers mistake Kimmy as Dora and so she is abducted instead. Without anyone running the company, Dora agrees to disguise herself as Kimmy and assume management. Will Dora does the job like Kimmy does? Will Kimmy free herself from the kidnappers? Will the twins see each other again and reconcile?

Review. Kimmy Dora is one of the best Filipino comedy films in a long time. Much of this kind of films these years rest only on being entertaining, others being overly corny at all. Kimmy Dora was a refresh after all this time of indulging in dull, senseless, and shallow comedies. The movie has no complex plot; it is very simple, but the sharp and comic details are what draw audience to it. So much have happened in the movie, and the journey of the two sisters to forgiveness and reconciliation becomes a great adventure and learning for both. In the end, Kimmy becomes more loving and soft-hearted, while Dora gets the intelligence and confidence she needs.

Actor. The success of the film can be credited much to its main actor – Eugene Domingo. She has proven herself to be one of the best comedy actors in the country with this movie. Her timing and delivery of punch lines were flawless and exactly right on target. Her shift to both Kimmy and Dora characters is also dynamic that she also deserves praises for it. Hopefully, Eugene Domingo can do more such quality comedy films in the coming days.

Unforgettable scenes. The movie is dotted with many beautiful, truly hilarious and memorable moments. The rooftop scene where both sisters are being chased by the policemen, the morning scene where Dora is forced to act as Kimmy and then back to herself again as she converses with her father, and Dora’s transformation to Kimmy where she has to practice tongue twisters are just some of the best moments for me.

Reception. Kimmy Dora premiered on September 2, 2009 and immediately hit number one for that week, beating several Hollywood films. Reviews of the film by critics were also largely positive, too.

Rating. I will give the movie five stars out of five. No doubt, Kimmy Dora is one of the best local films in 2009.

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  1. Eugene Domingo taking about her she is superb comedy actress and always her comedy is amazing.


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