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Still in celebration of the Women’s Month, let me feature this movie about a strong woman portrayed by one of the most influential Hollywood personalities– Angelina Jolie. Literally strong, this woman embodies beauty, brain and heart. Meet Agent Salt…

 Salt is a 2010 American thriller film directed by Phillip Noyce, and released and distributed by Columbia Pictures. It features top-caliber stars Angelina Jolina, Liev Schreiber, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Daniel Olbrychski.
The film was shot in Washington, D.C., the New York City Area, and Albany, New York.

The movie is about an Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent who, after being accused as a Russian sleeper agent, runs and fights back to clear her name. It opens with agent Evelyn Salt being tortured in a North Korean prison. After being released as part of a prisoner exchange, she marries a German arachnologist and settles a happy life, yet maintaining her work as an agent for CIA. Everything has been perfect until two years later, a Russian defector arrives at CIA and reveals a Russian plot to destroy the United States by using English-speaking sleeper agents trained from birth. Accordingly, Agent “KA-12” will assassinate the Russian president at the funeral of the American vice president. More shocking is that Agent KA-12 is named Evelyn Salt. Instantly, Salt realizes she is in a grave situation and that her husband is in danger. Escaping being detained by former colleagues, Salt flees to the unknown… to where she can redeem her honor… to where she can save her kidnapped husband… But as she flees, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place one by one … Memories are brought back to life… Missions are accomplished… Secrets are revealed… Who is SALT?

Salt is one of the best thrillers and espionage films of 2010. It may be “another movie of that kind”, but Salt is certainly exciting, entertaining, and gripping. I feel there is no dull moment in the movie. Scenes are really breath-taking, packed with almost raw stunts and actions, from the beginning to end.

What sets Salt from other such movies is the portrayal of an ultra-strong spy woman with a compassionate heart. There is the “Charlie’s Angels” franchise with three hot chicks working together to fight villains in a surreal, over-the-top, unbelievable scenes. Salt is far from that for it lucks the sexy gimmicks, uncalled humor, and ordinary plot. With the movie’s storyline, Salt really keeps you wondering and awes you with every revelation, making you wish it had been this way or that. There is also the famous “James Bond” series, but recent versions luck depth and great emotional connection to audience. With Salt, audience will be rooting for the character, empathize and really feel with her. Moreover, action scenes mostly rely on the stunts by the actors and not on high-technology gadgets and equipment, making Salt more realistic and believable.

Originally, Salt was written for a male spy character and Tom Cruise was offered the role. However, Cruise did not pursue because he feared the character was too close to Ethan Hawk, his Mission Impossible character. So the script was rewritten and the role was given to Angelina Jolie. As always, Jolie was magnificent in this movie. She effectively portrayed a tough but charming character. She had played as agent or spy in previous movies, like “Lara Croft” and “Wanted”, but she was more real and canny with Salt. Truly, Salt is one of my most favorite and loved characters of her.

Salt received mix reviews. In Rotten Tomatoes, it scored 61%. A little higher rate, 65%, was given by Metacritic which indicates generally favorable reviews. In box office, Salt grossed hundreds of millions of dollars in the USA, Canada and internationally.

Accordingly, there is a possible sequel to the movie. Well, may it be so…

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