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King Kong

I watched this movie in the cinema. It was December, and the place was packed and crowded that it seemed to explode with every scream of the audience during much of the film. “King Kong” was really a beautiful version, exciting, partly romantic, and hair-raising. LOL! Well, here’s the movie plot…..

The film opens in New York City, 1933. Having lost her job as a vaudeville actress, Ann Darrow is hired by troubled filmmaker Carl Denham to star in his new movie. Darrow agrees when she learns her favorite playwright Jack Driscoll is the screenwriter. As the SS Venture sails to mysterious Skull Island, Darrow and Driscoll fall in love.

Denham and the crew explore the island and are attacked by its natives, who kidnap Darrow to sacrifice her to their god "Kong". Kong, a giant ape, takes Darrow to his lair in the island's interior. As the filmmakers and the ship's crew search the island for Darrow, they battle numerous dinosaurs, giant invertebrates, and other deadly and exotic dangers.

In Kong's lair, Darrow is frightened of the ape at first but realizes that he is gentle and curious about her. Driscoll interrupts Darrow's befriending of the ape, and the ship's crew traps Kong as he chases them. Although Darrow opposes Denham's plan, the ape is subdued with chloroform for the trip to New York, and Denham promises the crew that Kong will make them all rich.

Denham presents Kong — the Eighth Wonder of the World on Broadway, starring an imprisoned Kong. Darrow refuses to participate in the show, which sensationally recreates Kong's capture. Kong becomes enraged when he sees that the lead actress is not Darrow, then breaks his chains after camera flashes anger him further. As the audience flees, Kong destroys the theater and wreaks havoc in Times Square before Driscoll lures Kong away. The ape and Darrow reunite in Central Park, which calms him down, but they are interrupted by the military.

Kong climbs the Empire State Building with Darrow in his grasp. Observing the dawn, Kong repeats the sign for "beautiful" that she used in his lair, causing Darrow to realize his intelligence. Before she can attempt further communication, they are attacked. He is hit by several bursts of gunfire, and gazes at a distraught Darrow before falling to his death. As Driscoll comforts Darrow, hundreds of people run to Kong's body. A man tells Denham that the airplanes killed him, but he replies, "It wasn't the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast."

“King Kong”, first seen in 1933, had several versions and the character itself had appeared in different films. Though I have not seen all, the 2005 remake is absolutely the best.

The storyline of “King Kong” has not varied much. It is still about how love destroyed a giant animal. The 2005 remake can be divided into two parts: the quest for Skull Island and King Kong, and the rampage of Kong in the city. The first part is really boring, uninteresting, and dead; it made me sleepy for an hour. As they say, “the best part is yet to come”. The second part is very great! I think the adventure really begun when the cast was attacked by the natives. It was a stunning and heart-pumping chain of seemingly endless struggle with giant insects, with Kong in his lair, with the inhumanity of the cast, and with Kong’s furious vengeance. One can hardly breathe in those scenes. I simply gaped. Amazing! The special effect is not perfect, but it is forgivable. Still very believable and genius for me.

The movie is not only an adventure movie; it has drama. It explores the depth of human greed and superiority. I love the last scene when Kong watched the sunrise from atop the building, then fell to his death. That was really heart-breaking. I can replay that moment over and over in my head.

Before shown in cinemas, the movie had already appeared in numerous pirated CDs. It was a huge controversy and a loss in the business. But Kong was really a king that the movie remained a monstrous hit and still made it to the list of top-grossing films of all time.

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