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House of Flying Daggers

No one must miss this film. NO ONE! This is one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen, and certainly one of my most favorite; maybe within my top five. I have a CD of this at home so I got to watch it anytime. Even my family is really crazy about it. Here is its plot…..

The film is set in 859 AD. The once great Tang Dynasty is now in decline. Numerous rebel groups have formed, the largest of which is the House of Flying Daggers. The Flying Daggers steal from the rich and give to the poor, gaining the support of the locals.

Jin and Leo, two police captains, are ordered to kill the new leader within ten days. In order to accomplish this, they arrest Mei, a blind dancer who is suspected of being the daughter of the old leader. While Mei is incarcerated, Jin and Leo decide to let her go to track the mastermind; Jin will pretend to be a lone warrior called Wind, and break her out of prison. This will gain her trust, and hopefully, Jin will be led to the headquarters of Flying Daggers. The plan works, but Mei and Jin fall in love on the way.

To add authenticity to the deception, Leo and his men ambush the pair: the fight is, however, a fake. Further on, they are attacked again, but this time their assailants are apparently for real: Jin and Mei battle for their lives, being saved only by the intervention of an unseen knife-thrower. Furious, Jin confronts Leo: Leo explains that he has reported the matter up the chain of command and his general has taken over the pursuit.

Once again, Jin and Mei are attacked by the General's men. They are hopelessly outnumbered; at the last minute they are saved when the House of Flying Daggers reveal themselves. Jin and Leo are captured and taken to their headquarters. At this point, a number of surprising revelations are made. Mei is not blind, nor is she the old leader's daughter - she was merely pretending to be. Leo is in fact an undercover agent for the House of Flying Daggers, which has engineered the whole chain of events in order to draw the General into a decisive battle. Furthermore, Leo is in love with Mei: he has waited for three years for her whilst working undercover.

Mei, however, cannot bring herself to love Leo: over the last few days she has fallen for Jin. But as Jin is now a liability, she is ordered by Nia, the leader of the House of Flying Daggers, to kill him. Instead Mei takes him away then frees him from his bonds before they make love in the field.

Mei decides to ride after Jin, but is ambushed by Leo who is embittered by her rejection and consumed by jealousy for Jin. Leo throws daggers at her. Mei, not realizing that the daggers were stuck together, only managed to ward off one knife, while the other strikes her in the chest. As Mei lies dying, Jin returns to find Leo, and an epic battle of honor begins, in which they fight from autumn to winter. In the final scene, Leo walks off into the blizzard as Jin holds Mei's lifeless body, singing the song originally sung by Mei at the beginning of the film in the Peony Pavilion.

“House of Flying Daggers” is a 2004 Chinese romantic action film. It is a two-hour film of heart-stopping martial arts and heart-breaking love story.

The movie is visually engaging right from the beginning until the end. Every scene is alive with different shades of rich color. It seems a thousand paintings are combined to form the movie. I clearly remember the fight in the bamboo forest where our TV screen is filled with brilliant green, very striking and breath-taking. Another is the final act in the blizzard where the snow contrasted with the birch trees, blood and the actors themselves. Every movement is highlighted that the drama is further intensified.

The martial arts are as well magnificent. The fight scenes may be unbelievable but they were not overdone; you simply gape and fascinate at each kick and flick of the arms.

And more than being an action movie, “House of Flying Daggers” is a romance film. It is a love story set in a troubled time. It is about a woman who has attracted two men, each willing to sacrifice everything to win her love even if it means anguish and death. But to whom does her heart belong?
The movie is full of passion, drama, and colors. It is highly-acclaimed and has received numerous international awards and nominations, including the Academy. It is also one of the top-grossing foreign language films of all time. Now, isn’t it interesting?


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